Thursday, September 24, 2015

Forma del logo Nike


Nike Vecchio Logo Storia Evoluzione

Forma del logo Nike

Il logo Nike è ampiamente considerato come uno dei loghi più grandi e più popolari nella storia. Una delle ragioni che permettono alla Swoosh semplice e fluida di incarnare il successo è la sua straordinaria capacità di farci vedere il movimento in modi particolari. E 'stato concettualizzato da uno studente di graphic design di nome Carolyn Davidson nel 1971. Lei è stato pagato solo $ 35 per i diritti di utilizzo di esso.

Il logo Nike "Swoosh" simboleggia l'ala nella statua famosissimo della dea greca della vittoria, Nike, che in gran parte influenzato innumerevoli coraggiosi guerrieri. Altro folklore suggerisce che, un greco diceva: «Quando andiamo a combattere e vincere, diciamo che è Nike."

Il marchio originale è stato definito come "strip", ma successivamente è stato indicato come "Swoosh", come riferimento per le fibre utilizzati in scarpe Nike. Il logo Nike "Swoosh" ha fatto il suo debutto nella primavera del 1972, quando è stato descritto sulla tomaia di una scarpa sportiva. E 'stato registrato come marchio nel 1995 e da allora è diventato l'esclusiva identità aziendale di Nike Inc.

Colori del logo Nike

Il logo Nike ha tradizionalmente utilizzato la tavolozza dei colori rosso e bianco. Il colore rosso esemplifica passione, energia e gioia, mentre il colore bianco è sinonimo di nobiltà, il fascino e la purezza della marca Nike.

Font del logo Nike

Fino al 1995, il logo Nike ha caratterizzato il nome della società utilizzando Futura grassetto in caratteri maiuscoli.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Questionnaire: Patriots release valve is the fact that not a fraudster

ESPN recently on the "release valve" for 100 NFL players did a survey.cheapjersey
Survey contains 13 questions (not every player answered 13 questions.), Where there is a consensus: the players have agreed with the New England Patriots in the American League final against the Indianapolis Colts game ball It was deflated treatment.
However, 84% of the players on the matter was not disappointed, 58 percent of the players think the Patriots are not cheaters.
There are some surprising data, 85% of people think that even if Brady was suspended for four games the Patriots will enter the playoffs any course, more than 88% of the players finds Roger - Goodell (cheap jersey) not to Bray Di punishment decision.
It is reported that this survey put the valve has consumed more than five million dollars, apparently the Union attaches great importance to the matter.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2015 season, the AL East Preview

  In accordance with the usual impression of the AL East considered abnormal "boring" partition, after the last decade, the season has not been open play, the Patriots can almost declare to other teams: "? You are to fight the partition of the second of it." but this year the situation is slightly different - Tom Brady suspended for four games, while the other three slightly reinforced, dawn do the division title in sight?
  New England Patriots cheap jersey
  Worthy of confidence: Offence group slightly adjusted, but the champion still in the frame, I have no doubt that after the lift back Brady continue to kill a camel to play God. The same is true defense group, "stability" is the key word, but welcome back "to run anti-God" Brandon - Spikes Patriots defensive stall early more stable, and the team also use the draft complements Vince - Will Fogg left vacant. Also the most important and easily overlooked point, Bill - Bailey Cech. In addition to the 07 season perfect season, the Patriots met almost every season a little situation, but Benitez can always find the same as the magician break the enemy's strategy, Patriots fans seem immediate concerns, in benitez opinion, It seems to be redundant.
  Cause for concern: although enhanced pavement defense, but the pass defense appears to be a big problem last season, three main cornerback Revis, Bronner and Arlington have to leave, now the Patriots are the three best cornerback Bradley - Fletcher, Marcon - Butler and Logan - whether Ryan, Butler can be sustained in the Super Bowl as a super god performance? It seems difficult. In addition, like Sebastian - Vollmer, Rob - Official Selection Abramovich and so old and one-year-old veteran, had just won the Super Bowl champion and let all the people have fatigue, whether there is another temporary peak ambition, is the biggest question hanging over his head.
  Unknown factor: Jimmy - Garo Poirot if provoked Patriots burden? Will be a key factor in determining the results of four games before the Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, Bill and denim, should normally be 2-2, but once a 0-3 start, then the team and Brady whether because of pressure become abnormal?
Expected results: 12 wins and 4 losses cheap jersey
Buffalo Bill
  Worthy of confidence: 45 million years left Jerry - Hughes, so Bill's defensive front four terror groups to continue, even Rex - Ryan before Bill quarters to adjust to a 3-4 defensive front, taking into account also who is 3-4, and all-star players, the defensive front can put Bill myriad of tricks, seems lineup adjustments not a problem. Linebacker group and the age of the frame after the defense field is also perfect, with devil Ryan and Dennis - Thurman's blessing and tuning, seems likely to grow into "domination level" defense group Bill of the new season.
  Worth worrying about: Compared to the defense group, the offensive group is all bad. Quarterback delay is difficult to determine, Sami - Watkins slow growth and other young wide receiver, the offensive front line selection is incorrect, Greg - Romain new tactical system needs time to learn so a series of problems. Shrouded in clouds of suspicion over Bill offensive group.
  Unknown factor: Ryan, Thurman, Roman, Matt - Kassel, Le Xiaoen - McCoy, Pacey - Harvin, Charles - Clay, a long list of familiar names people think, Bill is simply offensive lineup called the All-Star team, football, after all, can not on paper, an example of the 2011 season the Hawks still vivid, if a lot of new entrants Buffalo star coaches and players good chemical reaction can occur, is to determine the trend of the season, Bill most critical factor. In addition, like a super running back Ryan leading the attack, so Le Xiaoen - McCoy heaviest burden.
Expected results: 7-9

  Miami Dolphins
  Worthy of confidence: about six years to sign a $ 214 Marriott dum hole - the Soviet Union, he joined the Dolphins can help enhance all-round defensive intensity, with Brent - after Grimes sits courts, and speed the growth of young players, Dolphins defensive group also expected from quantitative to qualitative change. Quarterback Ryan - Tanneixier and Andrew - Mubarak the same year into the line, he turtle speed progress every year, until just continued under Howard about determining the talent to stay in the South Coast, I believe eventually the fourth Tanneixier season career usher outbreak. Ball end, signed Cameron - Jordan, known for its speed in exchange for Kenny - Stiles and select de Levante - Parker, plus outstanding performance on the quarter slot over Jarvis - Landry, bench There are experienced Greg - Jennings, a complete set can help catch Bill - La Zuoer perform the complicated and tactical coordination.
  Worth worrying about: Compared with technical position, configuration offensive frontline staff more rough, left tackle Brandon - Albert have injury problems, running back Lamar - Miller converting to last season under the cover of the magic in this. Even frontline fierce as a tiger, but cornerback position, in addition to Grimes, the other cornerback extremely immature, easily in the race to be targeted attacks. In addition, Joe - Feier Bin perhaps the easiest NFL coach, no spot command offensive and defensive, just pause and throw red Jiao Jiao challenge seems even these simple tasks, he will slow people a shot.
  Unknown factor: In recent years, poor playoff dolphin never seems only one step away, because they are always difficult to win the bloody assault bayonet charge. Young players never seem to all look so full of talent, but they could not put talent into victories, if the new season is the same, then the Dolphins still can only sustain five percent winning percentage.
Expected results: 8-8
  Player award: Soviet contention best defensive jersey
  New York Jets
  Worthy of confidence: the Jets have Muhammad - Vic Wilson, Sheldon - Richardson and Damon - Harrison inside three dominant class defender in the NBA draft and just off Leonard - William Williams, no wonder it was suggested that the Jets played the "4-6 Bear" defense, the road of the new season the Jets defense is likely the league three. "The first cornerback," Revis return to the Big Apple, his old partner, known as "the world second cornerback" Antonio - Cromartie same return, plus Buster - Sike Lin and Gilchrist joined, Backcourt single anti ability Todd - Key Bowles radical defense system. Brandon - Marshall is return, the Jets the ball group more experienced and hard power. Also, Keno - Smith were teammates beat up punch to break the jaw and will miss two to three months, is not that a good news?
  Worth worrying about: "bearded Harvard men," Ryan - Fitzpatrick seemed born with "g dead workhorse" of life, the past seven seasons for the four teams can get on a starter, so today Keno - Smith was hit , it seems bearded fate brought inside. Closer to home, regardless of how after the end of the season to carve beard and keno starting streak, their reading and passing game must feel we are all familiar with, they are difficult to lead an NFL team forward, unless able to open Tianmu, even if the Jets have a dominant defense group is still difficult to play well.
  Unknown factor: Todd - Bowers is a magical coach, had Ray - Houghton left the Cardinals, people think the Cardinals defense will be larger landslide, but it followed the essence of Bowles Horton defense system, coupled with its understanding eventually Cardinals defensive zone to a higher level, he is a top defensive guru, no doubt. He is a good coach? This is not, not to mention he faced the world's most demanding fan base, can think of ways to attack jet set of hoisting bad grades, will be the key to whether the re-emergence of the Jets. Today Broncos defensive coordinator Wade - Phillips is also an excellent defensive guru, has chosen to do good coach.
Expected results: 8-8

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stephen Smith claimed retirement after 2015 season

 Outside Baltimore Ravens wide receiver to - Stephen Smith cheap jersey is in league history to complete only 12 catches for 900 people, he said recently after the end of the season he will choose to end his 15-year career.

 The previous 13 seasons in the 5th Pro Bowl players spent the Carolina Panthers, currently he signed a three-year contract with the Ravens, in the United States Monday's training camp and his teammates say he is so: "The I will remember the past, enjoy life, I like it when my body is also good, but everyone needs such an opportunity to make a cheap jersey decision. "
 Smith last season, completed 79 catches for 1,065 yards and six advancing touchdowns to help the team into the second round, finished his career advancing 13,000 yards and 70 touchdowns. As a 2001 third-round pick of his 14 seasons with only one season without playing all the games.
 Smith finally said his greatest wish is to win a Super Bowl and now he has to do to prepare.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cowboys training Dylan conservative way - McFadden

  There are two people can decide the Dallas Cowboys running back Darren - McFadden (cheap jersey) when it can return to the court, their names are called Jones.
  Recently Stephen - Jones (Steghen) said the team is using a conservative way to make McFadden tendons to recover from injury. The coach Jason - Jia Lunte (cheapjersey) said McFadden's return did not last much longer.
  Jones also on McFadden's injury problems made answer: "I know a lot of fans worried about this team, there are plenty of people, and all this is Jerry's idea, I need to do is make sure he is ready back on the court. "
  McFadden in 2008 was the fourth pick of the Oakland Raiders, completed the 1,000 yards rushing in 2010, the last season was his only single-season attendance in 16 games last season.

  And Jones has always believed that 27-year-old McFadden will be an important weapon in the team for the new season.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Melvin - Gordon's mother not to wear her son‘s jersey this year

 San Diego Chargers rookie running back Melvin - Gordon (cheap jersey) this year will certainly be a lot of fans wearing his clothes, but his mother does not.
 In fact his mother was his biggest fan, she told reporters: "My son needs to show me something different, but this is certainly not this year, so you'll see me standing there, but I will not wear his shirts, at his college when I did the same thing, because I want to hear how people comment on his. "
Apparently the mother's love is great, Gordon's mother thinks his son will be able to go beyond this season, rookie running back lightning record 1,236 yards. She said: "This is nothing, he just need to concentrate, and slowly learn, then he will do it all."cheap jersey

 Gordon is considered the league this year will be the hottest running back, he came from the University of Wisconsin, is considered destined to win this year's offensive rookie honors.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ridge - or as a result of Bill first test Benito

 This off-season to the Buffalo Bill Ritchie - because test Juanito (cheap jersey) a chance, obviously he is worth such an investment.
 In February, Bill and Richie signed a one-year contract Monday US time coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) announced that Ridge will become the first team left guard front.

 Richie played in eight NFL seasons, last season termination people thought he would completely leave the stadium, for the 8-year career veteran who is best known for his 2009 was selected as the league's dirtiest player, as well as 2013 season bully together with teammate Jonathan - Martin cheap jersey event.
Ryan said: "One thing is certain, Ricky will be starting his state is very good, I was the people we need, apparently he did not waste their time."
 Obviously Ritchie will get a new opportunity to help Bill reconstruction.